Chechilenko Denis (born September 15, 1998), better known by his stage name Pilmesha, is an artist, DJ, animator, illustrator and blogger from Dalnerechensk, Russia. 
Pilmesha born in Ussuriysk (Russia), but then moved to Dalnerechensk (Russia), home and study.
Pilmesha became interested in music when he was 11 years old. Tracks do for your own listening. Their tracks and mixes music uploaded to the site in August 2014. 
In December 2014, he became interested in animation and drawing vector graphics. He pretty well and nadumyvaet do so in the future. 
Also keeps a blog on Twitter. Wound up his page two years ago. 
Began to take the first dance mixes, such as «Joyful (Mini Mix)» and «Sweet Mix», which loaded on the music website. Of his friends and acquaintances, no one believed in him. They just said, "You will not work", "You can not do anything," "You're a lot of you take over", "You're not interesting to anyone." But in spite of everything, he continued to move forward. 

"Do not listen to anyone. Do as you think right. People are very jealous and will do everything to humiliate you.”